COP23JayantiInterviewDuring COP23 in Fiji, Sister Jayanti gave an interview in the Climate Action Studio.  She identifed the link between individual consciousness and the mitigation of the effects of climate change. She gives a number of practical examples. This is a fascinating insight.

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zManyFaithsValériane Bernard attended the COP23 debriefing on behalf of the Brahma Kumaris.  The meeting was held in Geneva.  The meeting included a number of senior members of faith-based organisations from around the world.  They sought to find ways of maximising the outcomes from the COP23 held in Bonn.

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Jayanti2017 11 07Religion World have created a web site report of the Brahma Kumaris efforts at COP23 and make some very positive statements.  Their report includes pages from one of our reports and a video talk from Sister Jayanti talking about the importance of our planet and our universal need to look after it.

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Following the press conference on 13th November (Visionary Leadership for a Sustainable Future), Sister Jayanti issued a press statement.  You can read the statement here.

demo reducedThe Parliament of the World's Religions reports on the delivery by bicycle of the Interfaith Climate Declaration at COP23 by a host of world spiritual leaders, including the Brahma Kumaris.

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See also our report of 10th November


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