17.11 group photo small 2This last report includes:


  • Sister Jayanti's departure from Morroco
  • UNFCCC Faith Meeting
  • Closing of the Earth Forum
  • Vikram and Manoj presentation in the Agora Space
  • Attending the high level meeting on Accelorating Climate Action and being able to hand out blessing cards to the ministers


  • Review of achievements of COP22
  • BK side event "Trust and peace building approaches for ambitious climate action"
  • Team photo


  • Transcript of Sister Jayanti's presentation to the Fez Climate Conscience Summit.

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15.11 green zone art 1 SMALL Included in this report:

  • Women Leaders and the Global Transformation Summit held in the 5-star Palmaraie Golf Palace and Sister Jayanti's presentation
  • The COP22 Interfaith Statement being handed over to the UN by Sister Jayanti and others
  • A late afternoon BK programme that was well attended
  • Some great photos of the art exhibition in the Green Zone.

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zIMG 20161114 WA0008SMALLThis report includes:

  • Sister Jayanti and Golo facilitating at The Sustainable Innovation Forum in the 5-star Four Seasons Resort and their meeting with Lord Nicholas Stern
  • Attending the welcome speech by the King
  • Valériane describing yogic farming at the Traditional Knowledge side event
  • Piero Mussini describing his work with yogic farming on his own farm
  • Vikram and Manoj giving interviews
  • A dinner party for friends at the villa

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partySMALLThis report includes:

  • Valériane chairing the interfaith co-ordination meeting
  • Golo's presentation on the final day of the Earth Forum
  • Interfaith dinner at Palais Soleiman
  • A Morrocan dinner party at the villa

pdfSee the report and the colourful photos...

zForumDeLaTerre3AThis report includes:

  • Forum of the Earth, a two day event
  • Climate change, food and the arts
  • African agriculture
  • Delightful photos

pdfSee the report and the colourful photos...


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