zjuan2 SMALLIncluded in this report:

  • Juan interviews
  • Golo presentation at the Climate Change Studio
  • Discussion on women, environment and non-violence
  • Press conference on youth perspectives
  • A roundtable dinner
  • Working with a Moroccan think tank

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VikramAtTheIndigenousDayThis report includes:

  • Early morning press conference
  • Brahma Kumaris press conference
  • Interfaith meeting
  • Official handover of the COP22 Interfaith Statement
  • Intergenerational dialogue in the green zone
  • Vikram at the Indigenous Day

pdfSee the report and the colourful photos...

GreenFaithDinnerThe full team have been out and about, making their presence felt in the conference area.  This report includes:

  • Interviews with Juan and Romina
  • Dinner with GreenFaith
  • Service on the Climate Train
  • Beautiful music by Desert Rose
  • Social Innovation and Global Ethics Forum
  • Side event: Faith and climate resilience.

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Climate studioSMALLThe BK team is now applying itself to the business of the conference with many meetings and interactions with other groups.  Included in this report:

  • Meeting RINGO
  • faith based organizations coordination meeting
  • working with UN Development Program (UNDP)
  • Sister Jayanti interview  in the Climate Change studio
  • Interfaith dialogue organised by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment
  • and music from Myrthe

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opening of stand SMALLOn this first day of the COP22 itself, the team have set up their exhibition stand and started to meet the other delegates from faith based organisations and government members.  This report includes:

  • Sister Jayanti initiating our activities with meditation
  • Exhibition news (colourful wristband and blessing cards very popular)
  • Our activities at the Oasis space (Valériane and Golo holding dialgoues)
  • Some of the people we have met
  • Juan active as a youth leader in the panel discussion on Youth Day.

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It appears to be a law that you cannot have a deep sympathy with both man and nature.