Screen Shot 2017 04 12 at 11.39.06 2In this interview, in the Climate Change Studio, Sister Jayanti taks about a number of topics, including inner resilence, the role of faith based organisations in helping to manage climate change and the role of Brahma Kumaris in the climate change negotiations.

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Here are videos of interviews of Valériane held at COP22.Marrakesh01

 Interview 1 Defining faith-based action

 Interview 2 Inspiring faith-based action

MaraccechThis video was made from a collection of excellent photos and videos taken at the conference.  It gives a good overview of the contribution made by Brahma Kumaris.

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zzSolarSiteThis article was prompted by an interview of Golo Pliz by ZME Science.  It identifies the need to respond to climate change that is banging on our doors.  Golo responds that it is the inner consciousness that needs to change. "If we don’t change our attitudes and awareness on the inside, it will be very difficult to change the world on the outside. The inner world, our mind, and the outer world are very, very strongly interconnected.”

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17.11 group photo small 2This last report includes:


  • Sister Jayanti's departure from Morroco
  • UNFCCC Faith Meeting
  • Closing of the Earth Forum
  • Vikram and Manoj presentation in the Agora Space
  • Attending the high level meeting on Accelorating Climate Action and being able to hand out blessing cards to the ministers


  • Review of achievements of COP22
  • BK side event "Trust and peace building approaches for ambitious climate action"
  • Team photo


  • Transcript of Sister Jayanti's presentation to the Fez Climate Conscience Summit.

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