COP17 Durban South Africa 2011 Archives


Sustainable Capacity Building - Empowering Individuals and Communities to Act

Panel discussion at the NGO Forum, UKZN. The first speaker, Golo Pilz, set the context of climate change globally and provided statistics to illustrate the accelerating depletion of the earth's resources. He highlighted the role of spiritual values and the resulting lifestyle of simplicity, and explained the positive effects these have on reducing the impact of climate change. In his capacity of solar advisor for the Brahma Kumaris, Golo gave details of the solar implementations at the Brahma Kumaris Headquarters in Rajasthan and at various other centers throughout India.  His projects were received with keen interest from the audience who saw the possibilities solar energy holds for Africa, since Africa has similar climate conditions to India.


Research and Independent Non Governmental Organization (RINGO) Constituency Meetings

The Brahma Kumaris are registered with UNFCCC as part of the RINGO constituency.  Julia Grindon-Welch and Valeriane Bernard attended these meetings. RINGO does not advocate; it is an independent group whose role is to supply information to COP, indicating how scientific research relates to the Climate Community. 50-100 representatives from RINGO met every other day from 9:00-10:00 am to share the highlights from the negotiations.  They also established a committee to draft the two-minute statement that each constituency is invited to present at the Closing Session of the High-Level Meetings which will be available on the RINGO website (


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