12 10.12 entrance COP police checking activistIn this report from COP:

  • An interview with John Liu at Chateau Millemont, just outside Paris
  • Meeting Professor Rockstrøm
  • News of a very good film "Years of Living Dangerously" (and link to it)
  • About human rights
  • BK art exhibition and reception (with wonderful food!)
  • Amazing scenes around COP (including Golo pedalling for victory)

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08 Golo at German Stand 600 croppedThis report includes:

  • COP21 Solutions at the Grand Palais
  • Interfaith meeting with the Head of Staff of UNFCCC
  • Side event on eating less meat (A first for this subject!)
  • Report of the Interfaith Liaison Committee
  • Views of the Grand Palais

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04 8.12. Stade de France innovation forum Roundtable with rlegious leadsers 600This report includes:

  • Gender day at COP
  • Climate Action Zone presentation
  • The Role of Ethics and Faith in Climate Solutions
  • The Inner Dimensions of Climate Change - A spiritual perspective
  • Networking at the American Cathedral
  • Evening presentation by Golo
  • Champs Élysée at night

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03 Julia being interviewed by person from US Mission in Mumbai 600This report includes:

  • Main event at Salons Hoche
  • An interview from the USA delegation
  • Arc de Triomphe

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09 Canoe cartoon 600This report includes:

  • World Climate summit
  • Solutions COP21 (with a view of the future)
  • Centre programme in Paris new centre
  • Montreuil programme with harpist
  • A view of the Champs Élysée

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