Ban Ki MoonThis report includes:

  • Brahma Kumaris side event
  • UN side event
  • Montreuil town hall event (with artistic statement)

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06 4.12 All gore 600This report includes:

  • Press conference with the World Council of Churches
  • Interfaith Press Conference
  • Presentation by Al Gore (questioned by Sister Jayanti)
  • Concert with Desert Rose

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07 image1 600This report includes:

  • The ecumenical service in the majestic cathedral of Notre Dam (great photos)
  • Youth day report
  • COP21 space with pedalling participants for power generation
  • Eiffel tower

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BandshowThis report includes news of:

  • The press conference
  • news from the exhibition space
  • Nathalie Cohen band concert
  • The cities of France working together

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21 Louvren by night 600This report includes

  • photos of the public Climate Generation Space,
  • the UNESCO meeting on ethics and climate change,
  • an Interfaith Dialogue on Climate Change, Sustainability and Resilience,
  • an event organised by the Youth group for the youths of Paris
  • and the breaking of fast event.
  • numerous interviews

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