Figure 3This report describes the activities of the second week, including:

  • The side event: Awakening Biodiversity Consciousness - Connection Between the Inner State and Nature
  • The success arising from the Bioclick programme
  • News from the press conference
  • Activities at the CEPA kiosk
  • a great photo of the team

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zztulumThe busy activities of the Brahma Kumaris continued through the first week of the COP13 events including:

  • Taking part in: Handprint: Positive Action for Sustainability
  • Interesting events attended
  • the BK side event: Awakening Biodiversity Consciousness - The role of human awareness preserving biodiversity
  • Our kiosk at the CEPA fair
  • Government representatives met
  • weekend hikes
  • some great photos...

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Logo1Brahma Kumaris are actively attending the Conference of Parties for Biodiversity (BioCop13) being held in Cancun, Mexico 2016.  This first report includes:

  • The background to the conference
  • The Brahma Kumaris theme
  • The delegates
  • Brahma Kumaris activities
  • The participation of the President of Mexico
  • Some of the side events that were attended

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